Focus Sales Complete Dealer Sales Management Web Application for Dealer Shops to handle Dealer Shops Products, Purchase, Quotation, Sales, Financial Accounting, Stock Transfer, Item Return, People, Notifications & Reports etc. Focus Sales is fully integrated Complete Dealer Sales Management Web Application introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily dealer trading shops operations so intelligently and perfectly. As a result within no time, dealer trading shops has reached millions of people and now it is been used by thousands of retail shops all over the globe for all management, administration and finance related activities.

Focus Sales web application handles sales management system so easily resulting in no long queues for sales leaving behind a great impression in the customers mind. Generates every report as relates to sales management like daily sales, monthly sales, gst reports, profit & loss report daily purchase, monthly purchase, expenses report, customers report, supplier report etc. In a nutshell, Focus Sales web application does not save only your valuable time but helps in development and growth of your esteemed organization.

Using notification utility in dealer sales web application you can send notification to all customer for their sales, promotional offers etc, in focus sales web application is quite easy. No accounts or computer training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably.

Features Of focus sales

  • Opening stock and Stock adjustment entries
  • Stock and sales report with Split order
  • Batch wise stock and offer maintenance
  • Short Expiry List
  • Godown and Rack wise stock maintenance
  • Daily Stock Movement
  • Non moving product list
  • Physical Stock Audit
focus sale


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