Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

G.N.K.S Technologies is a leading company in the data center industry. With our motto of achieving mission-critical 24-hour 365-day service, we make the fullest use of the operational knowledge and experience that we have gained over our many years of service to answer the diverse needs of our customers. We provides highly resilient, secured and performance-driven data center solutions in all India locations. Our objective is to help our clients in achieving a reduction in total cost of ownership and minimize down time risks without compromising on security and compliance requirements.

The data center is often described as the heart of an organisation, housing mission-critical applications and services without which a business cannot function. In recent years, the demands on data centers have increased exponentially. In today’s consumer-driven technology environment enterprise workloads have become much more difficult to predict and manage. The underlying technology environment, therefore needs to undergo constant evolution because of the day-to-day management of IT operations is becoming more complex and resource intensive.

Our Dedicated Team of certified Architects can assist you on deploying Data center as per your Business requirements. Our team audits your existing network design for performance and security and explains you what would be the best for existing network and designs the data center as per Data Center Life Cycle.


Types of data centers we provide service on

Enterprise data centers: These type of DC are built, owned and operated by Organizations, also known as in house Data centers. These type of DC are customized for the end users requirements. Mostly corporate companies like Banks and organization with confidential customer information keep it in house.

Cloud Data Centers : It’s an off-premises type of Data Center, Data, applications, Infrastructure are hosted by a cloud services provider like GCP (Google Cloud Platform),Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure).

We follow the standard design cycle for Data center build process

Assessment & Plan

Define business/IT goals

Perform site surveys for IT Room capability

Identify Technical requirements

Develop high-level design (HLD)

Develop project plan

Acquire Hardware :

Identify Hardware availability

Contact Distributors

Get price quotes

Provide flexibility


Perform site surveys

Provide implementation services

Conduct user acceptance testing

Manage migration activities


Stage and integrate the system

Appliance configurations

System testing for HA redundancy

Tag equipment for identifications

Manage program for monitoring


Support and troubleshoot system

Complete moves, additions and changes

Monitor and manage, Setup NOC

Perform system maintenance

Ensure business continuity


Dispose of equipment

Destroy secure data



Uninterrupted power Power supply ensured
Unmatched peering network
Scalability on Demand
24 X 7 Customer Support