E-Hotel Booking is a complete Hotel Management Web Application for Hotels to handle Hotel CMS Website, Hotel Bookings etc. eHotel Booking is fully integrated Complete Hotel Management Web Application introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily travel operations so intelligently and perfectly. As a result within no time, Hotel has reached millions of people and now it is been used by thousands of hotels all over the globe for all management, administration and tours related activities.

Fully integrated with hotel website & hotel booking, just need to start your hotel business and you will see all the bookings & manage hotels website generated automatically at a single click. In every hotel business you should have a web application which have the same facility of all hotel business kind of utilities.

eHotel Booking solves the problem of every hotel business in a very simple and user friendly way. Its pretty easy to implement eHotel Booking web application. No website design or development training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably.

Key Features

Manage Bookings

View all your bookings together. Confirm, cancel, view all your bookings from different OTAs in one place

Log every move

The Channel Manager logs every change made by the user so you can audit what happened and when.


E-Hotel Management System helps you run analytical reports to monitor each characteristic of your business (eBookings, guests, inventories and more).

Formula Pricing

Alleviate yourself from pricing nightmare. Just update one price and let the system update the price for all your room & rate plan combinations

Real Time Updates

All updates happen simultaneously. We are integrated with all channels. Even on Airbnb, we are the only partner integrated with Airbnb in India

Customize all the way

Block/unblock channels, set sold out dates, and so much more. We can customize the way you want with our channel manager


Just click the below  button and fill in the Demo Request form  and one of our support team members will be in touch with you to take you on a Test Drive of this amazing E-Hotel Management System. Not only will we acquaint you with the various features, but we will also help you experience its power and ease first hand.